Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Art of The Fart

Since I've got here, more than one person has asked me what the biggest change in my life has been.

Is it the weather?
Is it the women in bikinis?
Is it the 8 lane highways?
Is it the wide open spaces?
Is it the piss-drunk dart-throwing competitions?
Is it the bitchy NRIs?


It's the food.

I've realized for a fact, that the first and final step to becoming a hardcore yank is the food.

I've also realized for a fact that Americans fart about 300 times more than all other nationalities combined.

No ****ing wonder, when they have Taco Bells, Burger Kings, Big Macs and Wendys.

You wouldn't recongnise me if you saw me. If you thought that a guy like me, who couldn't let off enough toxic waste after a Cheese Schezwan Dosa, or a truckful of Maruti's Pav Bhaji, think again.

It's almost like a half-hourly ritual.

Fuck that Fernando. He's leaving and I have to take his math book. Later blogreaders!

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