Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Miss You

Whoever you are, reading this post, you've touched me in an intangible way. Thanks for that. And tonight, I'm missing you.

I'm miss my girlfriend, who is now back in her hometown after a whirlwind Spring break here.

I miss my family. My mom who wanted to be all strong and never told me how much she's going to miss me when I'm gone, but went and told the parents of all my friends how I was her only son and it was breaking her heart.

And my dad who refused to eat pani puri on his anniversary, because it was my favourite food and I'm being starved of Indian food here :(

And of course Grandma and Grandad who say that my ghost haunts their lives everyday in the now empty house :(

I miss you guys, who'd made my life so amazing in the hellhole that we call Mumbai. :(

I come here, and all the Indian kids are a bunch of pretentious, bitchy faggots whose sole purpose in life is to out-alphamale the other guy. I now realise how great you all are =)

Basically, I'm doing a whole lot of missing right now.

So fitting that Wish You Were Here is the next song on my iPod xD



  1. See you in may righto?

    wish you were here yay incubus fan

  2. hey baba you ok? seriusly ill call you in sometime...and ill visit your folks tomorrow or something...