Saturday, December 12, 2009

Schweden: Day Uno

In the words of a very dear friend of mine before he asked this girl out,

Today was an awesome day.

And so it was.

My first day in the place I've dreamed about returning to for about a year and a half now; I woke up feeling like a bundle of excitement. Then I shivered in the cold and crawled slowly back under the cosy little blanket with Jules.

...before she unceremoniously kicked me out of it.

What an asshole, haha xD

After a little fooling around, dropping my razor in the toilet, finishing all the hot water just to get back at my girlfriend for kicking me out, and of course putting on about 6 layers of clothes, we were ready to take on the hidden dangers and spectacular beasts of Stockholm.

Since it was MY first day, it should be no surprise that it was awesome. :P (Emphasis on my, and not first xD)

We went Ice Skating!

This was honestly the first time that I've put on skates in at least 5 years, but I think I did okay xD

What raised the day from awesome to epic status was the fact that we went skating with some of Julia's friends.

After that, a really tired couple went home, and took the most amazing nap in the world for 2 hours, before having an awesome dinner, talking about Indian education, Indian food, Indian job prospects, and how Sweden is getting more stupid every year :D

After decorating the christmas tree, pwning Julia's brother at Fifa 10, and of course watching beloved Real Madrid win, you can tell that I had a fucking blast.

Lets hope it's a sign of things to come!

Happy holidays guys

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