Sunday, February 8, 2009

Almost Maradona

"...Anky receives the ball just behind the half-way line. The crowd cheer him on as he turns around to face goal. Anky is flawlessly upto speed already. He charges at goal, full steam! Rajan dives into intercept...ooooh! Beautifully done by Anky! A swivel of the hips and he jinks past the despairing defender! Oooh! He does it again! Anky is running riot here! Surely a goal here!!! Anky is one on one with the keeper, he's about to shoot! He has to score! He aims for the corneerrrr!!!!

...and the ball gets stuck in the mud."


1 comment:

  1. Hey anky Niks "The Special One" here...u know wat i did a exact maradona once ... I Reached the opponent's Box only to get knocked out unconscious by their Goalie... That Hurt a Lot... The next thing i knew was that we lost 3-1... Lolz