Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mmhm, feels good to be waking up at 5:59 a.m opposed to usually hitting the hay at this time.

Anyway, I have some news for you peoples.

I am on the path to self improvement.



I'll leave a moment for that to sink in.


So, the mission for today, is to completely eradicate fillers from my speech. It's almost exactly (lol) 6 am at the moment, and my job is to go without fillers for the whole day.

What are fillers? Why, thought you'd never ask! Today, I'm working on my voice and delivery, so, first of all; all the errs, umms, y'knows, likes HAVE TO GO! Then..

-oh crap, my roomie just walked in and I just broke all the rules :( This is going to be harder than I thought- where was I? Yeah, I have to get rid of those fillers. Then, I'm going to call random people out of a phone book, and ask for movie recommendations. THAT, is part of a bet. If I can get 3 completely unknown people to recomment me a movie, I win.

It's going to be fun.

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