Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day Uno!


Julzini is here ^^ This is so awesome! Although it looks like she's more in love with my grandma than me, I'll deal with it :(

GIRLS! They always gang up on you, even when they're your grandmother and are 70 years old. So sick :P

Julia is mad at me because it's now almost 1 p.m and I've still not really woken up xD

Well, you can't blame her; she's new to the daily life of an amazing writer B-)

Anyway, Niyati came 26th in the world in some CLIT exam or something. Fucking weird. Guess she's a little talented after all.

COMING BACK TO THE POINT, yesterday was amazing! There were so many things we did that it's going to be hard to put it down in writing at all, because that would take another day!

The moment at the airport was pretty funny. I had been waiting like 2 hrs to pick her up, and then FINALLY I saw some chick in blonde hair coming out, but didn't see her face. But then it had to be her, right? I mean, how many blondes are there in this city anyway? It was unmistakable, the hair, the tight denim jeans, the pink t-shirt clinging to her, the air conditioner blowing in her face; I remember thinking her first step in India was a true bollywood moment, lol

Then, I watched in horror as security stopped her at the gate, and spoke to her for an excruciatingly long time, and she turned around and went back in, ESCORTED BY SECURITY!!! Now the alarm bells were going off like the 4th of July for me, so I ran over to the guard at the gate and asked him WTF was up. He said something about illegal goods. I was like, HOLY SHIT, MY GIRLFRIEND IS A DRUGDEALER!!! I followed the glass wall in desperation till I caught up with them, about 70 meters away. Then I realized, THIS IS NOT JULIA LEDENSTAM >_< This chick is like 40 years old! Lol, fucking oldie hippies smuggling drugs into my motherland...

After that, I went back and found my The Jules and we hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed some more ^^


The day was awesome too, showing a blonde girl around in the middle of the day gives you a taste of what it must be like to be Aishwarya Rai or something. But we didn't have any security! So Rushabh got employed as our security guard :D He's really cool! Lets us hideaway at his house, brings food for us, lets me drive his moped. He's really, really awesome.

I also realized how n00bish Scandinavians are with food xD My girlfriend finds Dosas really spicy; LOL.

The night was brilliant, though. It was like 12:30 a.m, and we're sitting in bed, wondering what to do. So I get a bright idea, and we sneak out of the window, I steal the house keys, and we're out! We spent some awesomeness time on my terrace under the stars ^^ It was cool. Perfect if it weren't for the fucking rats darting around.

Then we went for a little drive ^^. Me driving really safely, and Jules asking me to drive like a maniac, lol. Somehow, I managed to lose my way in a place where I've lived 16 years. I really am growing old. Forget pubic hair and moustaches, I'm getting alzheimers! In fact, I can't even remember the beginning of this post!

The drive was awesome, we went to like Andheri, Juhu and then towards Santa Cruz, and then back :D It was in our nice little bubble ^)

Then, we went and chilled at Rushab's place again for a bit, because Niyatis mom still hates me :(

We picked up all our stuff before anyone woke up and made a big deal of it, and sneaked back into the house, all intact, but our clothes giving EVERYTHING away. They were all dusty and dirty from spending the night on the terrace! Luckily, everyone was asleep, and they just assumed that we slept in for the last 14 hrs like two adorable and decent children ^^

Today promises to be just as exciting! STAY TUNED :D

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  1. heyy, ankya... wt if ur moms secretly followin ur blog....?? hehe, majaa aavse....
    ur mom will be like, "babu, tu raatna kyan hato...?? dekhano nai..."
    and u go like, "kai nai mumma, bas paani peeva uthyo to...0:)"