Thursday, June 25, 2009

Head Games

So day before, I went with Jules to play football on the beach. Obviously I was all pumped! I had my very own cheer squad now :D

Turns out, my girlfriend is not the most enthusiastic cheerleader :P First, we went to Nirav's house for a charming game of Fifa 09. I was looking forward to the raucous fan support from my girlfriend.

Sadly, she fell asleep while we were playing, hahaha!

Unfazed by this glaring insult to my alpha-maleness, we went to the beach where we were playing a soccer game against some Gay-N.S dudes.

Obviously, being the best player on the team (:P) I scored. But what else is new? Anyway, here is the moment in slow motion.

We're 3-0 down, and get a free kick right on the edge of the area. There is no hesitation in my mind as I step up to take it. The 4-man wall in front of me looks intimidating, but I don't really give a shit. Some douchebag in the wall is trying to provoke me, shouting that I'm going to miss.

This pisses me off. I run up, and hit it as hard as I can on his ass. The ball hits his bollox and goes into the net. Beautiful.

I raise my hands in triumph among the cheers of my team mates, and turn to my girlfriend on the sidelines to dedicate the golazo to her.

She's too busy gossiping with Jill and Niyati about some stupid shit. GRR! :P

50 bucks says that one of those two asked Jules my penis size. In recent weeks, I know a lot of you have asked me about this. Well, lets just keep that a secret, LOL!

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  1. no we didnt.
    we still had more fun chatting than watching you kick the ball around.