Friday, June 26, 2009

A lot can happen during coffee :D

Yesterday was awesomenesski!

...all 6 hrs of it, since I woke up at 7 p.m. Oh noes xD

It started off with a movie: The Hangover.

That movie was fuckin' awesome! It makes you think about all the wild shit you compromised on in life just to stay within the rules. NEVER MORE I SAY, NEVAH MOOOORE!!!

The true highlight of the night though, was our midnight escapade to Cafe Coffee Day :D

I'm just starting to get used to my girlfriend turning heads around the whole fucking block as we walk by, but tonight was a little bit special. Rushabh was just telling me:

"Ankit, I'm telling you man...tu kisi ko bhi idhar maar. Lafda kar."
"What? Hit someone for no reason just like that?"
"Cuz now I'm untouchable man...unfuckintouchable. Im a certified fuckin' bhai...seriously dude...tu lafda kar, and it'll be like Star Wars Attack of the Clones. A whole fuckin army to back you up"

About 5 minutes later, Julia turns to me and says, "Haha, check out the fat yellow guy staring at me xD"

I turned to look at him, and I nearly spat my drink all over JVPD Scheme. The typical fatboy, mushy hair, neatly but subtly parted in the middle; manboobs erect and at the ready for lactation if and when needed; and a disturbingly visible erection in his pants.

And the funniest part? He didn't seem to even care that we caught him xD I was looking at him and laughing, but he was completely unfazed. For a second I debated the second coming of Gautam Buddha.

But no, I reminded myself that Buddha is that fat, bald laughing guy with a whale-belly that people put in their houses to cheer themselves up. No, this guy was in friggin' emo mode.

Seriously though, nothing could shake his unswerving stare at the pretty blonde girl. It was like he was in some deep Kama Sutra trance or something. Who knows?

A few minutes later, a couple of guys walked in. Straight away, his focus shifted to them. This time, he was looking with the most incredulous expression on his face. It was like he had shat his pants and someone was painfully piercing his testicles at the same time.

Yeah, you get it. Hilarious.

Soon, the guy's table got up to leave...

Rushabh sees this is his chance to shine...

"Dude, watch this..."

As they pass by our table, Rushy starts singing a really whiny and high pitched version of his famous and patented song "Lyouuuzerrrr!!!"

It basically involves saying "Loser" over and over again in an exaggerated fashion. It was awkward but it was the funniest shit ever. Think about it, this random dude passes by your table, and co-incidentally of course, you start shouting LOSER LOSER LOSER!!!

Rushini, after his brilliant antics

Lmao, that made my night ;D

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