Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm so paid

Hello my friends and friendesses!

So Niyati left :(

That was kinda sad. Anyway, on the last night before she left, we all went to her house to stayover and then dropped her off at the airport.

This means no more jokes about her fatness :( My last joke was that she wouldn't fit through the airport door and they'd have to send her by cargo train. Eww anky, you so mushy!

Oh well, this isn't about the cuddly whiny fat doofus who has left forever, but about the actual night at her house.

Truth or Dare will never ever be the same again!

Seriously, I'd known some of those guys for over 10 years, and it seems that they ALL picked the same night to come out of the closet, LOL.

I mean seriously. Some of the dares were just mind-numbingly homoerotic. But I suppose that's what you get when you play Truth or Dare with 50 guys and 4 girls, haha. Welcome to India :P

Here are some of the dares, building up to the homo-est one.

5.]Raj kissing Aalap's bushy eyebrows.

4.]Manan having to give Abs a lap dance, and then show him his nipples (WTF?)

3.]Monty having to erotically pet Varun's tummy.

2.]Abs and Anshuman having to doggy-style each other in front of everyone

1.]Siddharth licking and caressing Manan's camel toe (WOW)


Other highlights of the night were when my girlfriend got dared to squeeze Adit's tits and shout POM POM!!! Hahahahah! That was hilarious. So was Subbie's mujra seductive indian dance, and not to forget Aalap being dared to sit in front of the whole room and act like he's cleaning his butt, Indian style. LMAO!

Anyway, I found out that I have a super secret fan-club who I'd never met! :O So exciting :D

This is the fun part, gotta make the best of it before it goes into stalker mode, lol.

Anyway, fanclubbers, I know you're reading this, so let it be known that I am honored to have such loving and insane fans such as yourselves. Keep up the good work :D

And spread the word of my awesomeness B-)

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