Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Am I Insane?

Maybe I really am going insane. I need to pick a topic to talk about for Speech class. So what'd you expect? Yeah, you know, the usual probably - abortion; domestic violence; capital punishment- all that kind of BS.

But no. Apparently college has 'refined my mind' so amazingly, that I'm actually considering speaking for 10 minutes, on 'The Comforts of Insanity'

For a second there, you thought I was insane myself. I probably am, I wouldn't know.

But then I try to show you what a warm and fuzzy thing losing your mind really is. If oblivion is bliss, you'd be living in fucking paradise.

No artificial masks to put on, no hypocrisies to act and exaggerate, no judging, no need to fit in to other people's good books, no need to conform to the latest fashion tastes just because you want to impress that alpha chick who's hooking you up with fake IDs. It's become a sad place to live, humanity.

So much so that I'm almost envious of the lunatics.

But, in the words of a very wise man,

There is no Dark Side of The Moon really, matter of fact it's all dark.

And that is all.

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