Saturday, January 24, 2009

You could take a million sunrises and sunsets over pristine clouds and snow capped mountains and infinite waters.
You could stand on top of the world and look down at everyone, and everything minding their own business with unerring oblivion. And wonder.
You could climb a tree in the middle of a tropical rainforest and try to immerse yourself into the sound of the birds. The gentle knocking of the rain and the authoritative thunder of the clouds. Listen to the mockingbirds under the moon, or the others before the sun.

Heck, you might even throw them all together and paint a truly breathtaking picture.

And even that, cannot beat the sight of my girlfriend when she's just woken up. She's beautiful. Like, raw beautiful.

...and she knows the pi value to 35 decimal places. Holy fucking shit.

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