Saturday, January 24, 2009

So, I'm home on a Saturday night.

Can you believe that?

Well, it wasn't always like this...

Infact, until about 5 hours ago, I actually had a bit of a life! I swear.

The thing is, there's this wild keg party at Pedro's house, and I'm not in it. The guy called me like twice to make sure I was coming. I told him twice that I was sure I was coming.

Until today, at soccer. Some dumbfuck took a shot straight to the back of my head. And my head is still spinning. I'm still seeing stars. And that, mah friends, is the reason I had to fucking fall asleep as soon as I reached home, and SLEEP THROUGH THE FUCKING TIME WHEN MANFRED CALLED LIKE 10 TIMES TO COME DOWNSTAIRS.


That is all.

If that wasn't bad enough, I'm up talking to some random stranger from Bosnia and Herzegovina and studying uniform acceleration projectiles :(

...oh, and eating readymade Pav Bhaji. Yes, I slept thru dinner timee.

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